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~Immortal: Redux~

=Chapter 30=

*One Week Later...*

"Damn it all to hell!"

Eggman had been ranting and raving in his office after reading an article in the morning paper. It informed that reader that the concert gala that was planned to open later that week, had been abruptly canceled and rescheduled for the next month.

"Those filthy heathens! We were so close!!"

"Calm yourself, Uncle." Snively intervened. "At least the festivities are not canceled indefinitely.”


The large man swatted his newspaper roughly off his desk and plopped into his chair, moping.

"Do you suppose that our last mission caused a setback in their plans?" Snively suggested.

"How so?" Eggman muttered. "It didn't seem to stop them before. And they've got the damn government in their pocket!"

"Well they couldn't have possibly delayed it for just the hell of it."

"Why not? The way I hear it, they have enough resources to launch a God damn nuclear strike if they felt like it."

"But if what Shadow said was true, that they're using the concert to turn millions of the populace into monsters, they wouldn't delay something like that willingly."

"Whatever. You got the tickets I hope?"

"That I did, Uncle. The theater company hosting the concert refunded me for the cancelled show and provided me free ones as a reimbursement for the rescheduled event."

"Good. We sure paid more than our fair share of blood, sweat, and tears for it."


Another two weeks went by, and for now, the concert, sponsored by Sept Flèche was going to be on stage in the next few days as planned. Shadow was out in the courtyard of the safe house, sitting alone under a tree. He had to get outdoors to think, and get out of that chaotic atmosphere that was going around. These days, Shadow was trying to not to get as impatient as his mortal counterparts. He too was wondering why Alicia, in her moment of 'triumph', had suddenly delayed the event. She must've had a very good reason to. As far as he was aware, and where she was concerned, everything was going according to her plans. Since they were going along with them, he hoped that the auburn squirrel was unaware of their intentions to crash the concert.

But, knowing Alicia and Mephiles, it would be foolish to think that they wouldn't anticipate it. They probably were more concerned with the midnight warrior himself, and less of the Red Griffin Syndicate.

"Hey, Shads!"

Shadow looked up and saw Sonic standing in the porch.

"Rogue needs ya in her office right now.” the Blue Blur said.

"What for?" Shadow asked, sort of annoyed.

"She wants to give you an exam, that's why. And no offense, but you look like you could use one."

The crimson-splashed male heaved out a heavy sigh.

"Very well."

As he rose up from the grassy lawn, dizziness suddenly struck him and his vision started to blur out. He barely made out Sonic calling out his name as the ebony hedgehog slowly began sinking to the ground below his feet.

"Shadow? Shadow!!"

The next thing Shadow knew, Sonic was holding him up. Shadow blinked a few times before rubbing his eyes.

"Are you okay there?" the cascade hedgehog asked. "You nearly went kaputz there...."

Shadow emitted a low growl and rubbed his eyes again.

"...It''s nothing." he murmured. "I'm alright."

"You should take a nap or something, dude." Sonic told him.

"...No! I...I must stay awake...."

"C'mon buddy, let's get you inside..."

The cerulean speedster then assisted his midnight coated ally into the house.


In the Soleanna country house, Mephiles too was in the courtyard of his residence, admiring the warm new summer weather. With him was a recuperating Amy-now in a wheelchair-and the cocooned chiroptera King infants in a cushioned baby carrier. Amy was healing quite well and quickly, much to the surprise of both Dr. Finitevus and Alicia. Of course, Alicia was thoroughly annoyed that her master made her delay the concert just so that the sakura hedgehog could get well enough to attend. She cursed the fact that Amy didn't die right then and there on the operating table. The auburn squirrel really didn't like the fact that Amy was beginning to become an influence over her master. And what really frustrated her, was it was almost impossible to have Amy killed at this point.

However, taking into consideration that she was mortal, there would be countless windows of opportunity to come later. Alicia would have to do it herself though. Like Mina, Rosy was starting to become somewhat unreliable and disrupting her plans because of her obsession to fulfill Mephiles' every want and desire without thinking about it first. She couldn't really have Fiona do the job either-although she'd probably be more than happy to-since the pale ebony hedgehog, had at this point, pretty much disowned the vixen. He wouldn't let her anywhere near Amy much less himself and avoided her every chance he got.

'Well, it's no matter.' the dull blue eyed female thought. 'As long as the little wench is keeping him preoccupied and unfickle...'

Speaking of the vixen, Fiona was watching the pair from a window within the house with jealousy seething into her already and increasingly unstable mind. Her hate for mortals had only gotten larger and she, apart from Mina, was the only other Bride that hadn't seen Mephiles' children. Since recovering from her injuries, she had been given meaningless jobs by Alicia, and had sensed that she was somewhat getting slowly pushed out of the fold. Now, the red-furred female was ever more itching to kill Shadow. That and hunt down Mina for her betrayal.

"Well howdy-do, Fiona!!" a screechy voice suddenly called out, disturbing the silence.

The crazed faded rose female's response was a massive swipe at her, doing considerable damage to the walls and the door-frame. Rosy however, was quick to dodge it and giggled as if nothing had happened.

"Hee, hee, hee! My, but are we cross today?" she leered.

"....shut your damned mouth..." Fiona growled.

"Ooooo, I guess we are! But it's alright. Mephy might not like it, but I think your new body's kinda cool!"

Fiona suppressed another growl. It was bad enough having to endure Mephiles' avoidance and disownment. To be reminded of it was more than she could bear.

"What does Alicia have planned for us now, now that, that event has been delayed?" the vixen demanded.

"Well, since you found out that Shady and his friends have been up to no good, Alicia wants you to hunt 'em down and get rid of 'em tonight."

Fiona gasped at this news. This was far better than she herself could hope for. At last, she can take sweet revenge on Shadow and his ilk once and for all. Then she could track down Mina.

"That's just fine." she sneered with an evil grin. "I can deal with that."

"Why Fiona, are you if I daresay, smiling?" Rosy purred.

"Nevermind that. I have a job to do."

The red-furred female walked past her fellow Bride, all too eager to fulfill her words. Meanwhile, Rosy simply let out a heartfelt laugh.

"Just remember, Fiona!" she called out in glee as soon as the vixen left the room. Suddenly her voice turned demonic. "THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE."


Shadow was in one of the bedrooms of the fort very deeply asleep. He had been that way for at least three hours. It was enough to cause some worry amongst his co-hunters, concerning his impending hibernation cycle.

"His internal body temperature is dropping increasingly." Rouge said as she looked at the data displaying the midnight warrior's biological readouts. "At this rate, he'll soon be going into full hibernation at any given moment."

"This sucks." Sonic growled. "And such lousy timing too!"

"Rouge, might there be a way to delay the process?" Snively inquired. "At least for a little while longer?"

"All we can really do right now is keep giving him IVs every two hours." the ivory bat replied. "As long as he's constantly feeding, he'll remain more active until it's ultimately time."

"Well then, it's fortunate that Station Square has a considerably large hospital and plenty of donors." Knuckles added.

"Sometimes it feels like Karma is laughing at us." the cerulean speedster muttered.

"We're just going to have to laugh back, Mr. Sonic." Snively told him.

Later, Knuckles went into the room where Shadow remained in slumber. The ruby echidna thought it would be a good idea to turn the heat up in the room. Heat would also delay the hibernation process. Although they were only delaying the inevitable. Eventually, Shadow would fall asleep and not wake up for another 30 to 40 years. Sonic was right about the timing. It was lousy as hell.

After turning the heated air up from the radiator and putting more wood in the fireplace, Knuckles sat down in a chair and just watched the crimson-splashed male as he slept.


Elsewhere in Station Square, a young woman was moving through town clad in a cloak with a large hood completely obscuring her face. People who happened to pass by her, barely took note of her.

The woman in question was none other than Mina. She took great lengths to ensure that no one could see her because these days, anyone around her could very well be Alicia or Mephiles in disguise. The saffron mongoose had to be extremely cautious and trust almost no one. She wandered aimlessly through the city seemingly going nowhere. Suddenly as the sun was just beginning to set, Mina caught a very familiar scent in the warm breeze that blew past her. It was enough to prompt her to look up in bewilderment.



Back at the country house, the entire household was quiet and seemingly empty when Alicia returned that evening. It was also dark since there were very few lights on. Going through the hall, the auburn squirrel peered into one of the bedrooms and found her master sound asleep with his sakura mate gently entwined in his arms. Narrowing her dull blue eyes, she left the pair alone in disdain.
She continued down the hall where her ear twitched to faint music. In the study, Rosy was sitting in a leather chair quietly listening to a phonograph. Alicia was rather surprised to see her sitting so still. Something which Alicia thought was impossible for her to do.

"Rosy?" the reddish brown female called out.

The pale pink hedgehog opened her lifeless green eyes and gave a sickly sweet smile.

"Ah, Alicia." she sang. "You're home."

"Yes. Has Fiona gone out on her mission?" Alicia replied.

"Oh yeah! She did!! She left a little while ago."

"I see..."

Alicia was about to leave Rosy alone when the violent Bride suddenly called her back.

"Oh Alicia, just one thing." Rosy said. "When Mephy's babies are born, I want you to leave him alone. I've got it all planned out. We've gonna go to a nice lovely little island called Wave Ocean where they can all romp around. So Alicia....STAY OUT OF MY WAY!!!"

The window behind Rosy cracked when her voice turned demonic. Although Alicia's expression remained stoic, inwardly she was fuming.


Night settled into the atmosphere of Station Square as the stars appeared, twinkling in the blackness of the sky.

The Red Griffin Syndicate team remained inside the fort for now since there didn't seem to be any new chiroptera activity reported from the other agents, nor were there any new leads.

Shadow was still sleeping, although he showed signs of stirring because of the heat in the room and the fact that he was constantly being 'fed'.

"Geez Knux, it's like an oven in here." Sonic whined.

"It has to be." Knuckles replied. "It's keeping Shadow from going fully under."

"You gonna give him heat stroke too, Knux?"

"...shut up."

"Are you two at it again?!" Rouge ranted as she walked into the room. "I think you'd fare better at a game of chess."

The two males rolled their eyes as the ivory bat removed the IV needle from Shadow's arm. She noticed that tiny beads of sweat had formed on his forehead and took out a handkerchief from her pocket to wipe them away. Suddenly, there was a large bang outside the house, which caused all three to jump in alarm.

"What the hell was that?!" Sonic sputtered.

"I'll check it out." Knuckles said, pulling out a rifle and heading out the door.

A short silence followed, where Sonic himself pulled a weapon out while Rouge remained by Shadow's side. Then the wall was suddenly blown open with glass from the window shattering and rubble flying in every direction. Sonic was quick to take cover while Rouge shielded Shadow from the debris.

"WE'VE GOT COMPANY!!!" Knuckles shouted from outside.

The cerulean speedster rushed forward with his weapon locked and loaded.

"Quick, wake him up!!" he rasped at Rouge.
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~Immortals: Redux~

=Chapter 29=

The Red Griffin Syndicate team met with Eggman in his office building in Station Square for a briefing on how they should proceed at this point.

"Alright gentlemen...ladies..." Eggman began. "Thanks to Rouge's investigations, it's been brought to my attention that Sept Flèche is sponsoring a concert that will be on stage at the Station Square Grand Opera House in about two weeks."

Sonic arched a brow.

"Is this another front, or is this some weird way of celebrating their ties to the government?" he asked.

"And is it really something we should worry about?" Knuckles added.

"Of course it is, you knuckle-head." Rouge ranted. "And even if there's legitimacy behind it, it gives us an opportunity to get at Mephiles."

"Rouge is correct." Eggman said. "Although given the fact that Sept Flèche is lacing their products with Cell 64, I have great doubts that they're putting out a concert for the hell of it."

Shadow, who had been standing near a window a few feet away, finally spoke up after being silent that whole time.

"Let me ask you something, doctor." the ebony hedgehog murmured. "Would the lead singer of the concert happen to be a young woman named, Rosy?"

"That's what this pamphlet is telling me." the large man replied. "That and this performance is to be broadcast live via satellite to every main viewer of every major city."

Shadow's blood red eyes narrowed.

"That's it then." he whispered in a rather dark tone.

"What's that?" Eggman demanded.

"They're going to use Rosy to cause people to transform into chiropteras through her singing. And with so many mortals consuming Sept Flèche's food and drug products..."

Sonic as well as Knuckles and Rouge noticeably became pale.

"Holy shit." Sonic rasped.

"Holy shit is absolutely correct." Eggman continued. "And as Rouge pointed out earlier, this gives us a wonderful opportunity to annihilate those filthy heathens once and for all. Don't worry about us getting tickets, Snively's already looking into that."

"Well it certainly has been awhile since I've been to a concert." Rouge said with her eyes slightly sparkling.

"Come off it." Knuckles ranted. "We're not going there to be entertained."


Later that day, as he predicted, Shadow was back on an IV, courtesy of Rouge. The hours these days seemed dreadfully and painfully slow. The midnight warrior was just itching to get at Mephiles and to end this cursed legacy of chiroptera blood forever. He could still hear his adoptive father, Gerald Robotnik cry out him from his grave.

A few moments later, Sonic came into room with a sour disposition.

"I can't believe Rouge is making us go shopping." he muttered. "It's not like we're going to sit through the whole damn thing."

"Why is Rouge making you such things?" Shadow lowly asked, causally making conversation to keep his mind preoccupied.

"Because it's a formal affair." the Blue Blur complained, making hand gestures when he said, 'formal'. "Sheesh, we're going there to blow away leeches, not party."

Then Sonic sort of cringed when he realized what he said.

"No offence." he murmured meekly to Shadow.

"None taken." the crimson-splashed male replied.

Although Shadow was honest, Sonic could see that something was really bothering him.

"Are you sure everything's cool?" the cerulean speedster asked. "You look like you've got something on your mind."

"...I'm fine, Sonic." Shadow replied.

"...Hey, there was something you wanted to tell us at the meeting we had but you never got around to it."

Shadow gave a very long pause. He failed to mention about a particular piece of information that Mina had bestowed onto him.

"...One of Mephiles' Brides has abandoned the Hive." the ebony hedgehog finally said. "I'm not certain if she's telling the truth, but I don't think she'll be a problem anymore."

Sonic blinked in surprise.

"Damn, really?" he said. "Well then let' took out Fiona the other night, and Sonia's...gone. So that leaves just Alicia and the screwball, right? That should lower their offence and defense shouldn't it?"

"One would think. But we should not underestimate them." Shadow warned.

"Right. But...that's not all, is it?"

Shadow got quiet again. He was hoping Sonic wouldn't push it this far. But the royal blue male could easily tell what was really bothering him.

"It's Amy isn't it?" Sonic murmured.

Then Shadow got a really irate look on his face though he tried not to show it.

"Look Shads, I'm pretty sure she's still alive." the cerulean speedster told him. "Even when we got our asses handed to us a year ago, I haven't given up hope."

The midnight warrior put on a self-loathing expression.

'Then you're a better man than I, Sonic...'

"What makes you so certain?" he silently challenged.

"Well that Fiona bitch didn't openly mock you about it. Unless....if that other chick did...?"

"No...she did not."

"Well then, there's no one to really say Amy's still in this world or not until we find out for sure, right?"

However Shadow was not so convinced. But he didn't show it.



The sakura hedgehog herself was stuck in a pitch black void, unable to move or speak. Her whole body felt numb and she could not even see herself which threw her into a disarray of thoughts wondering if she even existed at all.

Amy then thought she heard familiar voices. She couldn't make out anything they said because it was all incoherent. Suddenly, she heard yet another voice, one she recognized this time, and shepherding her into reality. She tried calling back to it but her voice still seemed to be frozen.

Finally, the silence broke apart, and all her senses returned slowly but surely. Mephiles' voice grew ever more loudly but retained its softness to ease her back into consciousness. The cherry-pink female's tired jade orbs weakly opened to blurry visuals and a shadowy figure standing over her. She almost called out her adoptive brother's name but remembered it was his twin that she was with. Once Amy's vision cleared up, she found that she was in a larger bedroom of the country house that was turned into a makeshift O.R.

"Muh---Mephiles???" she croaked, trying in vain to be heard and very much confused. "Wha...?"

"Shhhh, shhh, no talking little flower." the pale ebony hedgehog shushed her. "The doctor had to cut open your belly to get the babies out, so you need to stay quiet and still to heal up."

Amy's expression grimaced noticeably when she heard this news. But at least he was honest.

"Do you want to see them?" Mephiles innocently asked.

Them? Did he mean the infants?

The young flower nodded her head slowly and Mephiles was quick to fulfill her request. She was in for another shock when he brought her two tiny cocoons when she expected hogletts.

"The doctor and Alicia said they'll be like this for a few weeks before they hatch." the bluish-grey splashed male told her. "Aren't they wonderful?!"

Well, how could Amy say so, when he was holding what resembled two silkworms. Or a pair of flies wrapped up in spider's web. But then who knows? Maybe after they do...hatch, they'll look like Mephiles. Or Shadow. Amy then gave another nod to her ecstatic mate, then slowly shut her eyes when drowsiness was weighted on them. A few moments later, Mephiles called Rosy in.

"What is it, Mephy?" she quietly and inquisitively asked.

"You wouldn't mind delaying your fantastic performance until Amy feels better, do you?" her master replied. "I want her and the babies to see it."

Rosy gave him a cheerful yet sickly sweet smile.

"Not at all, Mephy. I've got aaaaallll the time in the world!" she mused. "Shall I tell Alicia?"

"Please do. And tell her that crazy doctor can still breathe for now, since dear Amy didn't die while he was cutting her up."


Mina sat alone in her new home, looking rather listless and depressed. Although she refused to return to Mephiles, she had no idea what to do with herself now. In all honesty, she didn't have the heart to tell Shadow how she truly felt.

Since warning Shadow about the imminent attack on the Red Griffin Syndicate, the saffron mongoose found a growing affection for the rival King. Mina didn't know if it was because of her chiroptera nature that as a bride not of his own making that she was drawn to him or if she really felt for Shadow of her own accord. The violet-haired female really did want to help him, but she wasn't sure if she could go fully against her master.  

Suddenly, her senses made a twitch, and caused her to become very alert. Mina rose up from her couch and began quietly turning off the oil lamps in the room. Everything was still and silent, which made her feel all the more uneasy.

"So is this where you've been hiding all this time?" a screechy voice called out.

Mina blinked as she recognized the voice.


"Hiiiii, Mina!"

The pale pink hedgehog twirled into the room and landed on the couch.

"Wha---what are you doing here?!" Mina cried.

"I just came by to see what became of you." Rosy simply replied. "Not very inconspicuous is it?"

"''re not alone are you?"

"Of course I'm all by myself! Alicia's too busy to have any fun, and Fiona's moping around. Pretty boring really."

"Fiona's still alive?!"

"Yyyyeeeeep! She's pretty mad at you too, ya know. I think she's even more depressed because Mephy's not paying attention to her anymore."

"Why's that?"

Not that the saffron mongoose really cared, but she certainly was curious.

"Well she got all banged up by Shady, and had to get fake arms and a leg and Mephy doesn't like it all." Rosy explained.

"I see...." Mina replied.

"Oh! And Mephy had his babies!"

"....what of the girl?"

"Oh, she's alright. Gotta stay in bed for a short while. Not very fun either. Poor dear."

"You mean, Alicia won't do away with her?"

Suddenly, the crazed chiroptera Bride got an air about her that was particularly threatening.

"Now Mina, you know there's no way Mephy's gonna let that happen now, don'tcha?"

The violet-haired female stiffened a little at Rosy's change in attitude. But it certainly said a lot. Perhaps Mephiles wasn't so easily swayed as she previously thought. Nor was he so absentminded.

"Well, if that's all...." Mina murmured.

"So, what are you gonna do about yourself, Mina?" Rosy inquired.

"I'm not returning to the Hive if that's what you're getting at."

"Weeellll, I kinda miss you. And don'tcha wanna see Mephy's babies?"

"Not really."

"Awww c'mon! I know you wanna. Not only that, Alicia's planning a concert for me to sing at, so all the silly little mortals can turn into chiroptera!"

Mina let out a long sigh. Somehow, she knew it would come to this.

"Why are you telling me this, Rosy? Especially since I'm an exiled nomad now?"

"Why not? I figured you might enjoy some fun."

That was a very poor excuse especially from her. Was she expecting her to tell Shadow about this?

"It's alright, Rosy." the saffron mongoose muttered. "I think I'll pass."

"Hmph, you're no fun." Rosy replied with her nose turned up.

Then the pale pink hedgehog prepared to leave but not without one final parting word.

"Oh by the way....I know you're in love with Shady." she teased before vanishing.

Mina stared lowly at the floor silently before sliding down to her knees.

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