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M.C. Heflin
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
:icondrweirdplz: Gentlemen...BEHOLD!!!

Current Residence: Rabbit Hole
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Animation
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Kenny McKormick
Personal Quote: Gentlemen...BEHOLD!

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Yesterday, we lost a master of modern horror. Wesley Earl 'Wes' Craven passed away from brain cancer. He was 76 years old. 

Mr. Craven leaves behind a legacy of great modern horror films such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, and The Hills Have Eyes. My personal favorite being Vampire in Brooklyn. He's had long life and so he's earned his rest.

God speed, Mr. Craven.

:rose::pumpkin::tombstone:Wesley Earl 'Wes' Craven:tombstone::pumpkin::rose:

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~Animaniacs: Nocturnus Act XV~

*Chapter 4: Paranormal Activity Stinks*

That evening, Rem practically had to keep Babs calm enough from not grabbing ahold of her tape recorder and racing to go find the other to show it to them. The teen had also to promise the pink-furred rabbit that she would show the Warners the tape as soon as the convention was done for the day.

The last thing Rem wanted was to attract a whole load of attention, especially from the people attending the convention. Thankfully though, there seemed to be a lower attendance rate as the event wore on and nearing its end.

However, when rejoining her peers and returning to the hotel, there were security guards all over the building and an ambulance near the entrance.

What the hell is this all about...?

"Looks like one of the crazy fans got really looney." Plucky commented.

Only, the person being wheeled into the medical emergency vehicle wasn't a fan. It was Arnold the Pit Bull. He had a neck brace strapped onto him and was muttering almost incoherently and uncontrollably.

"I do believe in zpooks, I do believe in zpooks, I do, I do, I do!!"

"What happened to him?" Buster asked one security guard.

"Looks like he had some sort of accident." the uniformed man said while jotting down information onto a clipboard.

As the ambulance drove away, the toons exchanged shrugs. Rem stared after the vehicle before turning her attention on her tape recorder.

...Maybe there is something going on. But...I feel like if I acknowledge it in any way, it'll just get worse...

The teen went deep into thought as she debated whether or not if she should actually show her peers what she caught on tape.

"Eh, screw it..." she muttered to herself.


Before retiring to bed that night, Rem managed to catch Yakko alone in the hallway.

"Hey Warner, come over here real quick." she called out.

"Now don't tell me you don't wanna a room to yourself anymore." the brown-slacks clad toon coyly said as he walked over to the lavender-clad toon girl.

"Shut up and listen. I've got something I wanna show you."

Rem reached into her vest to pull out her tape recorder when Yakko made a suspicious frown.

"You didn't get any contraband, did'ja?" he inquired.

"No, you dumbbutt!" the teen ranted as she pulled her tape recorder out. "And how the hell am I supposed to get contraband on a cassette tape??!"

The elder Warner tucked his fist underneath his chin as he went into thought.

"Good question." he replied with a grin, to which Rem rolled her eyes.

"Here, listen."

She hit play on the recorder and at first there was nothing but silence. Then there was an odd sound that Rem had not heard before on the tape, made itself known. It came out as a sort of growling or deep purring. It almost made her jump having heard it for the first time. This must have been the sound she heard in the lobby that day.

"....the hell was that?"




"Freaking AC..."

"Who's your friend?" Yakko asked nonchalantly.

"Dude, there's no one in the freaking room with me." Rem replied, flabbergasted. "And you were there yourself, remember?!"

"Rem, Rem, chill out. Relax." the elder Warner assured her as he patted her head. "I think you're letting this whole thing go to your head. I mean, you ain't scared are ya?"

"The hell I am! I just have this weird feeling that I may have....attracted something..."

"Well, we've got one more day 'till this convention's over. We'll be back in Burbank before ya know it."

Rem let out a heavy sigh. Who knows, maybe Yakko was right.


*Night #6*

The last day of the convention, and the night before it, went on without any incidents. Bringing some relief to Rem and the Tiny Toons gang. Rem was very much looking forward to leaving LA and getting back to Burbank already. She had to endure more crowded places than one could take.

You know, now that I think about it, I haven't had my daily dose of caffeine. And it's too late to have any coffee now. Shit....

The teen went to bed early so she could at least get one full night of sleep before the journey home. Even that was difficult because now the AC unit seemed to be malfunctioning and making the room much colder all night long. Thank heavens she didn't catch a flu.


When the lavender-clad toon girl awoke the next morning, she discovered two things. First, the bed's comforter and sheets were all on the floor, which sort of explained why she was so cold and that it wasn't the AC unit. And she knew for damn sure she wouldn't have kicked all that off herself in her sleep. Second, her room door had been left opened again, only this time it was opened a little wider than before.

If I find out later on that Stephen King wrote a lousy book on this place, I am going to freak...

Letting out a yawn, Rem got out of bed and decided to peer outside just to see if anyone happened to be up and about. While she indeed found someone, the manner of which she discovered him nearly sent her blood pressure skyrocketing.

Hampton was lying on the floor, apparently in some sort of stupor. Rem looked around both ways of the hall to see if anyone else happened to be there. But there was no one. Just her and Hampton. Quickly, she sprinted towards the afflicted toon pig and tried awaking him.


"....mother, may I have the last slice of pie...?" he murmured in a dream-like state.

Rem let out a frustrated sigh and lifted him up over her shoulders.

"C'mon, Hampton." she grunted. "Let's get you to the Nurse-slash-Hot Dog Lady..."


Later that morning, the Warners, and the Tiny Toons were packing up and getting ready to check out when they noticed that Rem and Hampton were missing. Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Calamity had found them in a spare room behind the hotel office with Hampton being looked at by the Nurse-slash-Hot Dog Lady.

"Hampton? What happened to you?" Buster asked.

"I found him all knocked out in the hall." Rem explained.

Plucky suddenly zipped right towards Hampton, staring daggers into his eyes and poking accusingly at his chest.


"Um, not to interrupt..." Rem interjected, raising a finger. "But don't sleepwalkers usually return to their beds? I found him right outside my room."

Everyone's expressions became rather surprised. Hampton's room was one floor above Rem's but positioned near the stairwell which was why he was able to hear the commotion Buster and Plucky made a few nights before.

"Ummm, why don't we consult the surveillance footage...?" the blue-furred rabbit suggested.

A few minutes later, the group snuck into security room, and rewound two tapes. One from Rem's room, and the other positioned in the stairwell. Beginning at 3 am on both tapes, the footage from the stairwell while becoming quite static-y, displayed Hampton slowly walking down the stairs, and disappearing into the darkness below as the lights in the hall were completely out. Another five minutes in, the tape from Rem's room viewed her door opening up on its own. The hallway outside was pitch black and a few seconds later, Hampton came walking in. His eyes were wide open and his expression looked almost as if an inhuman rage had come over him. After entering the room, he turned towards the bed that Rem was sleeping on and just stood there and stared almost menacingly. Fifteen minutes later, the comforter and the sheets on the bed were slowly pulled off of the mattress by an unseen force. Rem shivered a little and curled halfway into a ball as the cool air touched her form. This lasted throughout the whole night until the predawn hours approached when Hampton broke from his stare to look up towards the window. Shortly thereafter, he slowly exited the where the outside hall was still pitch black and disappeared. Then there was a thud that sounded like something had dropped to the floor.

The footage especially frightened Hampton since he virtually had no recollection in his mind of ever doing such things. Meanwhile, the others were creeped out.

"Well then..." Yakko said, finally breaking the silence. "You sure don't see something like that every day."

"Explains how the heck the blankets and stuff got onto the floor." Rem added in a soft voice. Then she turned towards the spooked toon pig beside her. "By the way, you're lucky I didn't wake up, I would've handed your butt to ya..."

"B-but, but...I don't understand!" Hampton cried, flabbergasted. "I don't remember doing any of that!!"

"Are you sure, Hampton?" Babs asked.

"Maybe this is a case of Poltergeist." Plucky suggested. "Maybe one of the TVs has a gateway to another dimension!"

"Lovely theory..." Rem replied sarcastically. "But who the hell had their TV on at night?"

There was a brief silence until Calamity slowly raised his hand with a guilty expression on his face.

"No more TV for you, mister." Buster scolded, poking at the coyote's furry chest.

"Well not just that but do Cable companies even do sign-offs anymore?"

"Some do." Yakko said.

"Then let's just cut our freaking losses and declare this building condemned or something."

"Works for me!" Wakko piped in.

He pulled out his gag bag from his hammerspace, and got out a giant stamp. The middle Warner next zoomed outside the hotel and stamped 'CONDEMNED' on the front doors.


At the Acme Labs, Brain was hard at work on his next plot to take over the world after he and Pinky had returned from the National Toon Convention, when the lab telephone rang.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Um, hi. This is Buster Bunny from Acme Acres. I was wondering if you help me with something..."

"Such as?"

"Well I have some security camera tapes that need analyzing."

The albino mouse arched a brow.

"Indeed? And what am I looking for, Mr. Buster?"

"Anything that might look out of the ordinary."


At the Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, studio boss Thaddeus Plotz, p-sychiatrist, Dr. Otto Scratchansniff, his assistant, Hello Nurse and head of security, Ralph T. Guard were preparing for the return of the Warners. Scratchansniff, Hello Nurse, and Ralph were armed with nets.

"Alright, people." Plotz began. "The Warners will be here any minute now. We need to be--"


The Greypuppy Bus bringing the quartet home, had suddenly crashed right through the studio gates and ran right over the stout CEO. A few seconds later, the Warners stepped gallantly off of the vehicle with their usual big grins.

"Weeeeee'reee baaaaaack!!" Yakko, Wakko, and Dot sang.

"Thank God." Rem ranted as she walked past them and towards the Water Tower.

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